The Elin Kling Series: Family

Elin Kling is Sweden’s most popular style personality. Today she lives in New York with her family. In addition to being part of the STYLEBY team, she runs her own fashion brand, which she co-founded with her husband Karl Lindman. We’ve conducted a series of personal interviews with Elin about family, friendship, fashion and the future. Enjoy this intimate look at Elin with questions coming from her nearest and dearest.

What’s life like in the Big Apple? Elin’s sisters asked her about motherhood, her husband, Karl, and family life in New York. 

How would you describe yourself as a mother? “I’m simple, easy. I don’t have any other friends with children here in New York, we were the first to take that step so I have created my own rules. As a mother I think it’s easy to get effected - whether it’s other people’s routines, baby clothes or do’s and don’ts. I’m not afraid to invite Liv into our life. She’ll come along though of course, we have to make some adjustments. The most important thing is that she feels safe and that we’re happy, the rest will work out. If the diapers are out we buy more, that’s the rhythm. Everything will be fine."

Could you imagine being a parent before Liv? “I think that’s impossible, but I have to say that the image I had in my head wasn’t that far from reality. As long as your child is healthy you’re pretty free to set your own rules of how to be a parent. Having a child is a huge responsibility. I think life continues pretty much naturally in the way it should, it’s just so much better. Though I’m glad that I felt as ready as I did when Liv came."

How do you solve problems in your family? "I invest in my relationships, and now family. Just like when I’m at work, there are sections that need to work for the company to be successful. It’s not always easy. It’s important to be open and communicate, and some things are able to get swept under the rug. It’s impossible be a full-time working parent and not step on each other’s toes once in a while. It’s just important that it doesn’t become a habit, and that you always – and I mean always – show each other respect."

How have you changed since you met Karl? "In many ways, I believe. Karl and I are very much the same, but we’re also very different. I always need to be in control, but thanks to Karl I’ve been able to let go of that more and more. He’s one of those people who can go to the store without a shopping list. I would never do that before, but I’m starting to let go of things like that more and more, and it’s a very nice feeling. I’m at risk of missing out of the great spontaneous things in life if I’m constantly on my toes. It’s something I’m trying to be better at."

What do you appreciate the most with Karl? “He’s a very good person. There is a feeling of security within him that I appreciate more than anything.”

Interviewers: Elin’s Sisters Karin Kling, Cecilia Blankens & Veronika Molander.

Photo Matthew Sprout

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