Get Fit With Cecilia Forss

Actress Cecilia Forss is in amazing shape. The stunner ditched a rigid diet for her own intuition. She listens to her body and finds post gym aches an amazing reward.

EXERCISE “I do Becore it’s for full body toning, similar to Pilates. I go for walks and hikes whenever I’m in the mountains and I run to the bus. I love the feeling of being strong in my body as well as in my mind. I want to feel fit for fight at all times, I want that to be my mentality. I’m turning thirty this year, so it feels important to stay active.”

MOTIVATION “Freelance life doesn’t have a lot of routine, and this affects my training. But, it makes me long for it more. And since I find Becore so much fun it’s not that hard to find my motivation. I look forward to an aching body; I see it as my reward.”

PERSONALITY “Unfortunately, very spontaneous. It annoys me, but it’ because of my job."

STYLE “I like to dress in light clothing, I hate it when I feel too hot and sweaty. I’m most comfortable in a pair of tights, a sports bra and a top – that’s when I feel most flexible.”

IN MY GYM BAG “You don’t need shoes for Becore, which I’m happy not to carry around. I pack my sports bra, a top, a pair of tights and a water bottle. I’ll also bring a set of fresh underwear and skincare products for afterwards.”

One day in the life of Cecilia

07.00 “If I planned to exercise I’ll do it in the morning. I usually don’t eat much before working out, but if I’m really hungry I’ll have some yogurt and a banana.”

12.00 “For lunch I prefer to eat a big salad with salmon or chicken and I drink lots of water. For dessert I’ll have fruit, I almost always end my meals with fruit.”

15.00 “I often walk to wherever I’m going, that’s where I get my daily exercise. I’ll have a coffee or smoothie and a little snack.”

18.00 “I’ll cook dinner, usually soup. I love spinach soup with half an egg and a good crispbread sandwich.”

20.00 “My lack of routine reflects my diet as well, but I try to listen to my body instead of following a set schedule. If I’m still hungry in the evening I’ll have fruit salad, some chocolate or popcorn – and I always end my day with a cup of tea."

 Photo Pauline Suzor

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