Sofi Farman's Fitness Philosophy

Your guide to après ski fitness and style with Sofi Fahrman.

EXERCISE "Between a career, kids, relationship, social life and staying creative my solution to making this puzzle work is exercise. I notice a difference in everything I do when I exercise, I become a better version of myself. Whether it’s water skiing in the south of France, running in a big city or boot camp in Verbier, I love variation. It challenges me and the different exercises reflect my life."

MOTIVATION "For each winter that passes I want to become better on and off the ski slopes. That takes strength and good conditioning, meaning a lot of squats and jumps. As motivation I imagine myself right after the workout. I think about the satisfaction that it gives me. Imagining that relaxed, fluffy, feel-good feeling gets me into my training gear."

PERSONALITY "Something is better than nothing. I have high demands when I work, but I’m a nicer coach when I work out. Pep-talks and motivation are an important nice push. I steer clear of musts or unrealistic goals. I cheer for all kinds of outdoor activities, they awaken my inner competitor- whether it’s a basketball court in New York, boxing or high intervals at Djurgården in Stockholm."

STYLE "The opposite of high fashion. I put on whatever isn’t in the laundry basket. I’ll add that I like training gear with functionality, I can definitely be a nerd about it. During winter I live in one of Europe’s best ski resorts, so I basically live and breathe sports equipment."

One day in the life of Sofi Fahrman

05.30 – 07.30 "My living alarm clock, Lily, wakes me when she decides it’s time to get up. I’ll have Greek yogurt with granola, berries and honey for breakfast."

12.00 "I’m at my most efficient and productive up until lunch. Writing, Skype meetings and tangerines for a snack."

15.00 "I award myself with afternoons on the slopes. I rather work after I put Lily to bed. This way I get some daily snow action."

17.00 "Afternoon snacks refuel my energy. They usually consist of banana pancakes or hard boiled eggs. Otherwise I’ll mix myself a smoothie with lots of ingredients and an avocado base."

20.00 "Life in the Alps is the complete opposite of living in New York (Sofi Fahrman lived there for several years). Forget about take away or ordering in. We eat dinner at home seven days a week. My favourites are roasted sweet potatoes with salmon or rack of lamb – and some red wine."

22.00-23.00 "I go to bed early and pass out after an episode of ‘Narcos’."

By Anja Skeppe Grahn

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